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WordPress WordPress has blossomed into a powerful platform with huge potential. It is supported by a huge community of developers and real even artists, who create extensions and templates for projects based on this platform.

We also have become somewhat a part of this family, as we work for a long time with  WordPress. Especially for typical websites and blogs, not dedicated projects based on solutions such as Symfony Framework.

However, WordPress development is not only about implement simple project, but sometimes also a lot of tedious and even complex work within the code.

Development of plugins for WordPress is a typical work in this case. We develop plugins for customers, as well as for their own needs.

Plugins, that we could publish, will appear on GitHub:

What else?

Another important thing is development of templates (WordPress Themes), which is not so terrible as we hear.

Both for plugins and templates, we have proven methods and solutions. Among them – the  “bones” – a skeleton to create WordPress templates:

Rapid development is important. It’s of course about saving our valuable time! But with keeping the quality.

We offer our experience, allowing implementing WordPress projects and extensions quickly.

Try our offer, you are welcome!


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