About DirectCode


Each company has its own story.

DirectCode as a company works since the May of 2012. However, previously over the years I have worked on a freelance basis.

Most of the work was carried out remotely, often among international teams. I believe in remote work and still I rely on it.

The roots of my business dates back to the creation of small programs, desktop applications using Delphi / C++ Builder environments, and simple websites.

From the outset passion drives me – surely it’s more than just a job.

I worked both on small and medium-sized projects, and huge contracts lasting about two years.

The mission

My mission is to develop great software solutions, both for the clients and as a part of own projects. I have the ambition and high standards.

I focus on:

1. The quality and stability of the solutions
2. Good contact with the client / users
3. Listening to the needs and technical advice
4. Passion in what we do
5. Cost optimization

Creating own projects is one of DirectCode pillars. And on this field, the main direction of business development is programming of mobile / on-line games and creating software in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The own projects gives also a very valuable experience.

Some facts

10 +

years of experience in the Software industry

200 +

various projects over the years

7000 +

cups of coffee

11 +

used programming languages